Stan and Stacy on their Cobblestone Home

Stan and Stacy found Cobblestone Homes when driving through Hunter’s Landing in Taylors. They fell in the love with the homes and hired Cobblestone to build their own home on their lot. Two years after completion, Mia stopped by to hear more about their experience building a custom home with Cobblestone.

“Home is where you can leave all your cares behind.”

During the interview, Stan and Stacy fondly recalled the process of homebuilding. They called the process “a partnership towards a common goal”, speaking of the co-creation of their home in both the design and building stages. They called the design process quick and efficient  and recalled that Tomas was very involved and always available. Since the completion of their home, they have stayed in touch with Tomas and Mindy, Stacy still cuts both Tomas and Mindy’s hair. The process has not only resulted in a beautiful home, but a lasting friendship.

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